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Like most good advertising, we know an ad needs to give prospects a reason to try your product.  So we are willing to give you a FREE mailing just for trying our product for 3 consecutive months. While direct response advertising like Mailbox Merchants is by far the fastest way to see tangible results from your ads, we also understand that there are numerous things that will influence the response rate that your ad may get. So we want to be sure that you get an accurate picture of how well Mailbox Merchants can work for you. To help you do that, we’ll work with you to create a great ad, and ask you to run it on 3 consecutive dates, then we will mail the fourth ad for FREE!*.
You are not limited to running the same ad on all the dates; and we can fine tune it for you or run a completely different spot each month. The idea is for you to give Mailbox Merchants a chance to work for you.
Be a part of the Mailbox Merchants shared mail package and make a great investment in your business. No other advertising medium can deliver your special promotion to virtually every household in your market.  Best of all, we deliver more than advertising…


*Purchase to be based on published 3X rates.
Value of the “free” mailing is limited to the average dollar amount of the 3 previous mailings.
Offer does not apply to DAL, MVP or Smart Card products. Offer limited to new customers only.
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