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Payment Policy
All charges are to be paid in advance of mailing. Please see the deadlines schedule for payment due dates. All advertisements that are not paid on schedule are subject to cancellation.

In order to assure your advertisement is included in our program, all deadlines must be strictly adhered to. Due dates for orders, copy, proofs, payment, and insert delivery, have been designed to provide the working time necessary to handle your advertisement, accurately and efficiently. Any late or missed deadline can prevent your ad from being included in the desired mailing. Mailbox Merchants® will not be responsible for ads that have missed production deadlines.

Pre-printed Inserts

The format of your insert must meet certain criteria with regards to weight, dimensions, folding, etc. For details, please refer to the insert specifications guide on your rate card. Should inserts arrive “out of spec” we either fold them at the advertiser’s expense, charge a premium for additional handling and processing, or notify you that the inserts are not suitable for our program.


Wrap and detached card products are reserved in advanced specifically for your company. Since this space cannot be offered to other potential advertisers if you cancel your reservation, you may be subject to a cancellation fee. A 100% cancellation fee will apply if you change or cancel your order 30 days or less prior to the in-home date. A 50% fee will apply for 31-45 days notice and a 25% cancellation fee will be assessed if you cancel with 46-90 days notice. If you fail to provide timely ad copy for a wrap or d-card product that has been reserved for you, this will constitute a cancellation and you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee.

Frequency Discounts

In order to receive frequency discounts the client must sign an advertising agreement. Frequency discounts are available at 3, 6, 12, 24, 36, and 48 mailings per year. A frequency is earned for each date that you mail a DAL Card, insert, or wrap advertisement. No more than 48 frequency credits can be earned in a contract year.

Minimum Orders

Detached cards and Wrap pages are purchased by full markets only. Inserts are purchased by full zip codes, with a 10,000 piece minimum order. Amounts of less than 10,000 can be mailed, but the rate will be based on 10,000 pieces.

Shipping & Receiving

All shipments must be pre-paid and must include proper shipping documents. Mailbox Merchants® will not accept COD shipments. Normal receiving hours are from 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday. Alternative receiving hours can be arranged in advance of delivery. Mailbox Merchants® reserves the right to refuse any shipment.



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