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Pre-Printed Insert Specifications

• ADDITIONAL CHARGES: $4.00 per thousand will be added to standard pricing for any insert that falls into the oversize materials category.

• VERSION CODING: All materials must contain a unique version code - a series of letters and numbers that identify each version of the advertisement for proper mailing distribution.

• OVERRUNS: Mailbox Merchants® requires a certain percentage of overruns to complete each job. Quantities of less than 40,000 require a 5% overrun, 40,000-75,000 require 3% and 75,000+ require 2% overrun. For orders that will run in multiple markets or on multiple in-home dates, please add an additional 2% overrun.

• FOLDING: Inserts that arrive “out of spec” will either be folded at advertisers expense, charged a premium for processing, or cancelled as not being suitable for our program. ALL 4 PAGE TABLOIDS MUST BE QUARTER FOLDED!

• Mailbox Merchants® will make every effort to notify clients and provide solutions whenever a problem or variance with client-supplied material exists. In the event a client cannot be reached, Mailbox Merchants® reserves the right to proceed with the job in a manner judged to be most advantageous to both parties.

• EARLY COPY RESTRICTIONS: Copy should arrive no earlier than 18 days before the in-home date. Storage fees of $50 per pallet per month will apply to product stored over 30 days.


* All 4-page tabloids must be quarter folded.
• LENGTH: Length is measured by the spine (folding edge). All products are inserted by the spine.
• WIDTH: Width is measured from the spine to the open edge.
These materials require prior approval and customized price quoting.
• Any pieces that fall outside
_Production Specs PLUS
• Die Cuts
• Paper Bags
• Side Stitched Products
• Pre-nested Products
• Envelopes
• Padded, Non-uniform or
_Uneven Surfaces
• Magnets
• Products Samples
• Bumper Stickers
• Tipped on Attachments
• Plastic Bags
• Perforated Pieces
• Spadia/Dutch Door Gate Folds
• Non-flexible Products

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