5 Reasons Why You Need to Use Mailbox Merchants Postcard Marketing in Your Campaign

Here’s a hint: Mailbox Merchants Smart Card is Your

Most Affordable Postcard Option

Well, we already gave the first benefit away of Postcard Marketing with Mailbox Merchants Smartcards. Yep, they’re so dang affordable! Postcards are a cost-effective and efficient way to promote your business or product, and can be used for a variety of purposes such as advertising a sale, announcing a new product, inviting people to your business, your website, an event, or simply keeping in touch with customers to make sure they stay engaged with your brand.

Postcard and Wrap

Here’s how it works: the “Mailbox Merchants Wrap” is a part of our Shared Mail program. Back in the 1980’s. The USPS started allowing advertisers to join together and “share” the cost of mailing by combining their ads together into one package. This allows us to pass on those significant cost savings to our customers.

With the Smartcard, we prepare your postcard to arrive in the mailbox along with other select client’s ads in a professionally produced package, but when the Smart Card arrives at the recipients home, it’s not attached to our shared mail package, its on top, so it appears as if it is an individual postcard sent out on its own.

research the demographics of your target audience

A Targeted Audience Analysis Created Just for You
We believe that Data tells a pretty accurate story on who will best respond to your offer. With a mix of technology, experience in the marketplace and knowledge that comes from working with hundreds of clients, just like you, we create a Targeted Audience Analysis Report based on your business type, your product and offer, the recipients buying habits, and the total amount of households you want to reach and we craft a marketing plan that will allow you to reach the right consumers, the ones most likely to buy.

Demographic targeting reports

We Target Down to the Carrier Route Level

Before, in order to take advantage of the shared mail pricing per piece, you had to send out your postcard to an entire ZIP Code. This wasn’t bad because it allowed you to completely saturate a ZIP Code with your marketing. But what is even better than that is this new advantage of picking out the carrier routes around your targeted area offering maximizing the best opportunities for response to your message.

  • Smart Cards drive traffic to your business and website
  • They are stand-alone and are not attached to any other bulk mail bundle of offers.
  • Smart Cards puts your brand in front of the recipient and helps to build trust.
  • Recipients believe Direct Mail more than they do an offer received digitally.
  • The Smart Card CR Program offers Geodemographical Expertise to help you pinpoint the best carrier routes or ZIP Codes for your message.
  • Smart Cards engage the recipient and puts a tangible offer in their hands that remains in their home 17 days on average.
  • They are a turnkey solution that includes mailing list, design, printing and postage.
Bring people to your door

Smart Cards Drive Traffic to You

Smart Cards Postcard Marketing puts your brand in front of the recipient and helps to build trust. Direct Mail is believed more than any form of digital mail receivved. The more they see your brand, the more familiar they become with you, the most they trust you based on that familiarity.  Smart Cards engage them and places a tangible offer in their hands that remains in their home 17 days on average. (source: SmallBizGenius.com)

  • Recipients believe Direct Mail more than they do an offer received digitally.
  • Direct Mail recipients purchase 28% more items and spend 28% more money that people who do not receive the same piece of marketing. (source: USPS)
  • 42% of purchase decisions are influenced by Direct Mail Marketing.
  • Four in Ten Americans (of all ages) look forward to getting their mail each day. It is a welcomed relief over the bills normally received.
  • 73% of Consumers say the prefer being contacted by brands via Direct Mail over any other media.
This is an easy turnkey solution

Smart Cards are TurnKey

Mailbox Merchants Smart Cards are a turnkey solution (Complete; ready to go.), We handle everything from start to finish…  Ad design, demographic research and mapping, printing, postage and mailing are all included in our one low price.  It doesn’t get easier than that.

Smart Cards are a great as one component of an overarching strategy that encompasses multiple marketing channels. They are turn-key and make your marketing dollars work harder to achieve more. Smart Cards are so turn-key, in fact, it’s almost as easy as a click of a button!