Connecting with Consumers. Is it Different Now?

Q2 is behind us and the numbers were surprising. Year over year, growth was off the charts for many retailers. For some, not in a good way, but for those essential businesses selling groceries, hardware, and general merchandise, you more than likely exceeded some of your best quarters. Now what? Can we expect more of the same? Most analysts have identified Q2 as an anomaly, a perfect storm that provided certain retail segments with a significant challenge, but also with a sizable reward.  No one's saying it was easy, but the bottom line looked pretty good. So let's do it again in Q3. Right? That may be harder than it looks. [...]

The Risk is Low and The Return is High

The Risk is Low and The Return is High. During the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, some unsubstantiated reports circulated that you could catch the virus by handling your mail.  And while some concern was understandable, the CDC said early-on that the risk from handling your mail was low. It's good to see that new research such as this comparison chart from the Texas Medical Association  has validated those early CDC reports and shown the actual risk has always been very low. Mailbox Merchants continues to be an effective channel for reaching consumers where they live. And with so many consumers at home these days, there's no better time [...]

Is the Mail Here Yet?

Is the Mail Here Yet? I was returning from my daily visit to the mailbox earlier this week when I heard a neighbor say "Oh great, the mail is here!" That caught me a little off guard. As someone who has worked in this business for over 20 years, I couldn't resist the opportunity to ask why she was so happy to get her mail? "Are you expecting something special?" I said. " No, not really, she replied. I just need a break from all the news and stuff." I know we all need to stay abreast of what's happening today, but here was a person who was looking [...]

Mailbox Merchants Coronavirus Planning & Preparedness

As events continue to develop related to the COVID-19 virus, we want to assure our clients we are taking the necessary measures to maintain our ability to serve our clients, consumers and communities. As of today, we are fully operational and keeping a close eye on the health and safety of the Mailbox Merchants team. We have implemented some additional guidelines and procedures to safeguard our employees. Currently, we are actively distributing our clients’ promotions without any delays and are in close contact with partners, including the U.S. Postal Service, which is operating business as usual without disruption. At this time, we don’t perceive there to be a distribution risk [...]

New Look for a New Decade

We introduced Mailbox Merchants in April of 1999. Back then, our logo was representative of the times and it served us well for many years. But like a house that you have lived in for a number of years, there is nothing better than a fresh update to help things work and feel great again. While our mission has not changed, the way we approach it has. We're still committed to delivering valuable content to consumers via the mailbox, but now we are even more focused on providing our customers with actionable insights and research that allow them to maximize revenue and response across all media. Advertising has always been [...]

Consumer Attitudes about Print Advertising

Everyone knows print is dead right? At least that's the impression you get when you speak with many of today's marketers. CMO's, Ad Directors, and national ad agencies have all embraced the digital revolution.  And with good cause… Digital, in all its forms, is clearly a rising medium. But does the rise of one media negate the effectiveness of another? Every day we speak with business owners who are told that digital is currently the must-have media. They are told, "even if you have to throw out everything else, you have to have digital". We continue to see an omnichannel approach as the most holistic and ultimately effective method to [...]

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