5 03, 2019

Do you require a contract or agreement?

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Working with us requires the use of an advertising agreement. This assures that our clients understand what is going to be delivered by Mailbox Merchants. The agreement also allows us to reserve specific mailing dates and ad positions to assure that you will have access to key promotion dates or products.

5 03, 2019

What if I don’t want to put a coupon in my ad?

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There are many different ways you can utilize shared mail other than delivering coupons. Some clients will use us to announce a new product or service, promote a grand opening, or feature limited time offers. Our package is also a great branding and awareness tool. Where else can you reach 100% of any given market? But remember, research tells us the stronger the offer or incentive you provide consumers, the better your response will be. Numerous studies show that coupon users typically spend more than non-coupon users.

5 03, 2019

Can I mail just one time to test it out?

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That's certainly your choice. However, we know from experience, that mailing a minimum of three consecutive months will provide you with the maximum return on your investment and provide a true gauge of how direct mail can work for you. We are so confident in this, we even offer a special discount program. We call it:  Buy 3 Get 1 Free.

5 03, 2019

Do you work with advertising agencies?

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We work with many of the largest agencies in the country. They trust us to advise them on the most effective use of our products and depend on us to execute flawlessly. When you deliver for some of the leading brands in America, you are expected to be experts in your markets and provide the agency ( our customer ) with all the support they need to deliver results for their client.

5 03, 2019

Can I send you my inserts already printed?

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Absolutely! Many of our clients provide us with "Pre-printed Inserts" that we insert into our package and distribute. We receive millions of pieces each month in this format. Be sure to check out our insert specifications page.

5 03, 2019

How do you know where to mail my ad?

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Your account representative will do a complete assessment of your marketing needs, then using our mapping and demographic technologies, we'll help identify the primary areas where you should concentrate your advertising to maximize response rates. Watch our 2-minute video.

5 03, 2019

Can I mail to just one zip code?

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YES! If that's what will best serve your advertising needs, then by all means. Please know that there may be minimum order requirements that may not be met by some very small zip codes.

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