Get the Most Out of Your Marketing

Finding new ways to reach customers in an increasingly crowded (and expensive) digital landscape is vital if you want to break through the clutter.

You may think it’s an antiquated approach, but direct mail for retail is stronger than ever and continuing to grow in popularity as businesses attempt to get their messages and offers seen above the others.

Direct mail marketing has been used to promote goods and services for years. Today, it holds a special place among the top marketing channels due to its effectiveness in customer engagement, acquisition, and lead generation. A study made by the United States Postal Service says that Direct Mail recipients purchased 28% more items and spent 28% more money than people who didn’t get that piece of mail. And even as equally effective, recipients are hanging on to your direct mail piece for an average of 17 days. It is a physical piece of content on their desk, on their fridge, ir their purse, car, or wherever, that is constantly reminding them about your brand.

42% of purchase decisions are influenced by direct mail marketing. And when you combine direct mail with a digital form of advertising, you get a 63% boost in performance. The mailbox is wide open and a great way to make the kind of impression digital alone just doesn’t allow. No single channel is more important than the success of your whole campaign. It’s the fine balance between Direct Mail and digital that grows engagement and your ROI.

Here are some awesome stats that drive the message above home:


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