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Integrated Marketing Solutions Tailored for Your Local Business

Since 1997 Mailbox Merchants has helped thousands of businesses attract and retain profitable customers. Our unique mix of shared mail, postcards, digital ads, and video marketing gives our clients an edge over their competition. Our integrated strategy allows our clients to reach valuable customers no matter where they are on the path to purchase. You can rely on Mailbox Merchants to bring the expertise needed to create and deliver highly effective advertising that grows brands and activates consumers.

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Shared Mail

We deliver direct mail for 1/3 of the cost of traditional mailings. Using our unique cost-sharing program, we distribute your marketing message to every consumer in your target market for literally pennies per household. Drive customers to your business using the mail to deliver offers and incentives that motivate them to call or visit. Advertising with direct mail brings new and existing customers through your doors when you need them and want them.

Mailbox Merchants Wrap Shared Mail Package

Digital Display Advertising

Digital display ads target social, mobile, and online consumers across all their devices at the household level. It connects you with customers when they are on their favorite sites and apps and encourages people to notice your brand, consider your products, and take action. Ads are served on tens of thousands of websites based on geofencing and your prospect’s unique characteristics. The result? Our Digital Display program allows you to deliver the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time.

CTV & Video Advertising

With mobile screens in every pocket and Smart TVs in virtually every home, video is experiencing unprecedented growth with marketers and consumers. CTV and programmatic video are packed with robust targeting and attribution capabilities that assure you the best ROI. Join the savvy advertisers that are already profiting from the powerful shift happening now in video media.

We make video production easy and affordable with professionally written scripts, music, and voice-over talent, all included for a low monthly fee.

Smartcard Marketing Postcard Examples

Smart Cards

It’s easy to understand why the postcard is one of the most powerful forms of advertising. It’s highly visible, it’s tangible, it has a great shelf life, and it delivers your message quickly and clearly to everyone who sees it. We call our postcards Smart Cards for the simple reason that advertisers who use them save money and get great results. Our postcard is delivered alongside our shared mail package but not inside it. For this reason, they look like a stand-alone piece of mail. But, just like the rest of our products, you get the benefit of reduced postage costs. In many cases, our Smart Cards can be 1/3 less than the competition. Now that’s Smart!

New Movers

The best way to contact every person who moves into your area is by using our New Mover Mail Program. Our system identifies new movers within a specific geography and targets them with a series of postcards delivered just days after their move-in and at key follow-up times. Best of all, it’s 100% automated. Once set up, you don’t have to think about it again. We’ll keep mailing to new people as they arrive in your market. And the best part? It Works!

Integrating Digital and Print Advertising increases the effectiveness and the overall ROI of your marketing campaigns. Talk to us about creating a high-performing campaign specifically for your business.