We introduced Mailbox Merchants in April of 1999. Back then, our logo was representative of the times and it served us well for many years. But like a house that you have lived in for a number of years, there is nothing better than a fresh update to help things work and feel great again.

While our mission has not changed, the way we approach it has. We’re still committed to delivering valuable content to consumers via the mailbox, but now we are even more focused on providing our customers with actionable insights and research that allow them to maximize revenue and response across all media.

Advertising has always been a moving target. Today, new media formats come and go before you know what happened.  Yet over the years, one thing remains constant, we all still make the trip out to our mailboxes every day and read our daily mail.

I could launch into a barrage of statistics and testimonials about the effectiveness of Direct Mail even in today’s digital marketplace, but you’ll find that elsewhere on our website. Today we just want to show you our new look and say goodbye to an old friend.

New Mailbox Merchants Logo

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