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Yarr She Blows! Ye been Caught, Ye Ol’ Scallywag Swashbuckler, a Treasure Huntin’ on Me Flagship Mailbox Merchants.

Well now, ye best be feelin’ lucky to find ye gold or y’er be awalk’n the plank if ye don’t. With bein’ the day we speak like a scurvy pirate, aye, tis gonna be a ruckas fer ye old seadogs.

Go ahead, heave ho and hoist ye colors and give the challenge below a twirl. But if ye fail, thar be no blather’n ’bout hav’n to walk the plank and be introduced to Davy Jones Locker!

When done with the quiz and your test results pop up, scroll back down
underneath the quiz to continue on with the treasure hunt.


#1. The dreaded pirate Blackbeard met a gruesome end in 1718. What happened to him?

#2. Who was the Gentleman Pirate?

#3. "Lubber" is a word often used in Pirate lingo. What does it mean?

#4. What was unlucky to have on a pirate ship?

#5. Which is not a real sea monster?

#6. Who was the most famous woman Pirate?

#7. What country was pirating first documented?


Shiver me timbers! What be thar ye score? Son of a biscuit-eater! Guess thar be no shark bait sent down to Davy Jones locker tonight.

Treasure Chest Showing Gold

Well me hearties, I not be tendin to hornswaggle you or cheat ye from yer bounty, but me mate twas 3-sheets to the wind, lost his sea legs and fell o’erboard. Click tis here link and find him. When you do, click on that ol’ seadog to send him back to the bilge where he b’long. And you’ll be on yer way towards the coffer.