Almost 25 years ago, Mailbox Merchants began delivering targeted advertising directly to consumer households. Today, we are excited to launch a digital advertising program that shares what we believe to be the most valuable assets of direct mail: The ability to target at the household level and deliver verifiable results.

Why Digital? Why Now?

Over the last 24 months, we have been surveying consumers to determine how they buy and what they value in media. 55% of consumers tell us they value print and digital messaging equally2 and we’ve seen campaign data that confirm response rates increase when pairing digital and print media as opposed to using just one channel alone.3 Lastly, industry research indicates that consumers respond faster when exposed to multiple channels such as integrated print & digital media.

Adding Digital Display ads to your print program will improve the effectiveness and the ROI of your marketing campaigns, increase frequency, and lower your cost per impression.

After analyzing our own research, the choice became clear.
It was time to embrace digital.

Our aim is to continue to be a trusted partner to help you manage both your digital and print media programs and provide educated, informed guidance on integrating the two. We thought about giving the new program a fancy hi-tech name, but since activating customers has always been a part of our DNA, that felt redundant. Digital is just a natural extension of what we already do. We are still Mailbox Merchants, and our sole mission remains to bring consumers to your business.

Over the coming days, we’ll be sharing more about the program, but let me give you just a taste of some of our new capabilities:

  • Definitive foot traffic attribution will show you how many people actually visited your location after seeing your ads.
  • Through the use of unstructured data, we target distinct prospects based on their specific internet behavior and intent. Not with aggregated segments of people.
  • We custom build your audience using your own individual data elements or create them from curated lists and keywords.
  • Addressable capabilities give you a powerful and accurate way to target physical addresses at the household level with GPS and plat line data. We don’t rely on inaccurate IP addresses. Plus, once a device is matched to a household, you can reach prospects across all their devices.
  • Programmatic buying only serves your ads to those showing interest in what you are selling. Plus, many more exciting capabilities.

Prior to our launch, we tested our digital products with select customers with great success. Now let us show you how to maximize your advertising results by adding a digital component to your existing channels.

You can learn more by visiting our digital marketing webpage here.