new movers receive direct mail marketing

When is the best time to have someone see your advertisement? When they are ready to buy, of course. The trick is to know when that is.

Trigger-Based Marketing

Trigger-Based Marketing is a term we use for reaching new customers when a significant life event occurs. One of the most impactful events in people’s lives is when a family or an individual moves their residence. It also happens to be the best time to establish valuable relationships with those looking to buy products and services for their new homes.

To capitalize on this profitable market segment, Mailbox Merchants is introducing our
New Mover Mailer Program
It’s designed to put your brand in front of shoppers who are ready to buy.

Roughly 36 million people move each year and spend more than $9,000 on average within the first three months of their move. This makes “New Movers” one of the most sought-after customers for retailers and service providers.

Did you know, the average person will make more than 70 brand-related decisions throughout their move? That applies even for those moving just across town, the businesses they were once loyal to are now too far away for convenience, and they need to find new local favorites.

New Homeowners Spend More in the First Six Months than the Average Consumer Spends in Three Years.

Direct mail is one of the best choices for reaching new movers, especially when their mailboxes are still relatively empty. Since new movers have no local business loyalties, the data shows that they are five times more likely to be loyal to your business if you reach them first.

Timing is the key, though. To reach them first, you need to work with a provider with access to the latest data. It’s important to understand that not all new mover data is created equal. Our mover data is multi-sourced, updated daily, and undergoes additional enhancements, resulting in the most timely and accurate information. Others may be offering you information that is weeks or even months old.

Then you need to use a program that mails to movers daily, right when they move in. You can’t afford to wait for once a month mailings. By immediately marketing to new movers as soon as they arrive, you can establish your company as the most trusted and reliable option for them. Now take it a step further, and extend an irresistible offer on your services, and you can have a customer for life. That’s the importance of being first.

The Mailbox Merchants New Mover Mailer Program delivers a personalized 11″ x 6″ postcard directly into the hands of new people in the neighborhood. Your postcard arrives just days after they move-in. And we mail cards every day as new names show up on the lists.  You tell us what zip codes or neighborhoods you want to focus on, and we do the rest. You basically set it and forget it to get a constant stream of new customers.

As we approach the Spring and Summer months, now is the very best time to start targeting these profitable prospects. We’ll even share the projected number of movers you can expect to reach using our proprietary estimating tool.  Using our tool allows us to customize a program to meet your needs. You can capture an entire market or set a budget that works for you. Either way, you win!

Contact us today to learn more about our New Mover Mailer Program and start welcoming new movers as your new customers!