Integrate Digital and Direct Mail

to Maximize Advertising Results

Combining Digital Display ads with a print program will improve the
effectiveness and the ROI of your marketing campaigns, increase
frequency and lower your cost per impression.

What is Digital Display Advertising?

Digital Display connects you with customers when they are on their favorite sites and apps and encourages people to notice your brand, consider your products, and take action. Ads are served across all devices and on tens of thousands of websites based on your prospect’s unique characteristics.

Grow brand awareness and conversions with:
• Programmatic Display
• Native Advertising

Market to
Who Matters

Targeting has always been a part of our DNA. We use GPS and geo-located plat line data to accurately target your customer. The result? Our Digital Display program allows you to deliver the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time. Most others rely on inaccurate or truncated IP addresses, resulting in sending ads to an entire neighborhood instead of your targeted prospect.

and Reporting

Not only do we deliver great advertising, but we also show you the results.

Our reporting validates your investment by providing you with detailed campaign information including:
• Impressions served
• Click Through Rate (CTR)
• Performance by Device
• Creative Performance
• Actual Foot Traffic

We offer “Curated Audience Lists” based on your custom specifications.
We deliver to individuals not aggregated segments that may not match your criteria.
Display reaches your targeted customer wherever they go on the internet.

Sales Increase When You
Add Mail to Your Media Mix

Applications for Digital Advertising

RESTAURANT(Addressable Geo-Fencing)
Creating Awareness in Specific Geography
A local quick-service restaurant (QSR) is interested in pushing out menu specials and delivery options to surrounding neighborhoods. Mailbox Merchants would geo-fence each physical address that is in the surrounding neighborhoods. This can be focused at the zip level or even down to the carrier route level, so it is very efficient with no wasted advertising going to areas they don’t want to reach. Then we serve digital ads to these households promoting the menu specials and delivery options.

Retail (Conversion Zones)
A Sporting Goods Store Wants to Attract New Customers
In addition to using standard customer targeting techniques based on intent and behavior online, Mailbox Merchants would set up “Conversion Zones” around the business. These zones would be places where sporting goods buyers would typically visit, such as sports stadiums, the local ball fields, neighborhood sports bars, boat landings, and competitive retailers. Once a mobile user enters one of the Geo-fenced zones, they become a target for the sporting good store’s display ads. Subsequent tracking will indicate whenever one of these new customers enters the retailer’s location.

Healthcare (Targeted Display Geo-Fencing)
Target Specific Audiences at the Household Level
A local dentist office is interested in promoting a new orthodontic system for young people.
Mailbox Merchants would identify the geographic area the client wants to focus on and then serve digital ads to only those households in that area with children under 18 as residents. Further targeting could be done by income to maximize the conversion rate. Attribution would be confirmed when individuals click the link to the customer website, dial a call tracking number, or when targeted addresses physically enter the office as verified by mobile GPS.

Direct Mail (Addressable Geo-Fencing)
Expanded Frequency with Direct Mail Integration
A company wants to advertise to the same audience they mail to now, but with more frequency to fill in the times between mailings. Mailbox Merchants can reach web-connected devices in the residences that currently receive the monthly mailing. The targeted display ads can be timed to appear before or after the physical mailing to support ongoing conversion during what would usually be slower times.

Fitness (CRM Targeting)
Grow New Membership
A fitness center wants to grow its membership base. Mailbox Merchants would use the fitness center’s membership list to Geo-Fence or identify where current members are located at the household level. Then use the non-marked households as the target for new membership promotions with digital display ads. This CRM based solution eliminates the risk of upsetting existing members who would not be eligible for special rates. By only reaching non-members and using a specific radius around each location, you maximize the buying efficiency. Attribution is confirmed when the targeted addresses visit the gym’s physical site to validate the total campaign impact on foot traffic and subsequent member growth.

Automotive (Addressable Geo-Fencing)
Communicating to New and Existing Clients
A local auto service center is interested in targeting existing customers with a message that features one set of promotions and wants to target non-customers with a more aggressive promotion. Mailbox Merchants would use a customer-supplied list to geo-fence each physical address for the existing customer base. A customized ad would then be created and served only to those existing customers reminding them of their vehicle service needs and providing a moderate incentive. At the same time, we would use standard targeting strategies to present a second ad to prospects who are not currently customers. This additional ad would feature more aggressive promotions to attract new business.