Video Advertising Boosts Results

Incorporating video into your advertising strategy delivers an ad experience audiences already crave. With mobile screens in every pocket and Smart TV’s in virtually every home, Mailbox Merchants delivers video ads to targeted consumers where they spend their time each day.

Did you know, on average, consumers watch over 120 minutes of video content daily?

Savvy advertisers are profiting from the powerful shift happening now in video media. Take a look at the projected growth of CTV over the next five years..

The reason advertisers are moving is because consumers are moving. The flood of viewers leaving traditional television is relentless. Cord cutters are tired of the high cost and limited access to TV programming.

Did you know we also have a new class of viewers called “Cord Nevers?” As the name implies, this younger audience has never subscribed to a cable company for their video content. They’ve grown up with streaming and the internet for all of their video entertainment.

One More Fact…

In 2020 only 61% of households could be reached with traditional TV

What is the key to successful video advertising?

Connected TV and Programmatic Video

Two Options with One Great Result!

OTT/CTV or Connected TV is most like traditional television with two significant differences. Like “Old School” TV, your ads appear before and during streamed versions of television shows and movies consumers are already watching. BUT, with CTV, your video ads are only served to viewers who match the credentials of your targeted audience. This is HUGE!  By targeting just those households with online behavior and activity consistent with your best customers, your conversion rates increase exponentially.

Our customers also achieve more efficient pricing with OTT/ CTV than with traditional television. Not because the ad content is different, but because of how the ad is delivered. Streaming occurs on Smart TV’s or connected devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Firestick, using services like TubiTV, Pluto, Prime Video, Sling TV, Discovery, HGTV, Philo, and many more.

  • Run Ads Alongside Popular TV Shows

  • Reach Millennials and Cord-Cutters

  • More Impressions, Fewer Ad Dollars

  • Premium Content

  • Advanced Targeting

  • Cutting Edge Reporting & Attribution

  • No Wasted Dollars

  • Premium Assure Brand Safety

OTT CTV Reaches 110 Million Homes

Programmatic Video is the automated buying of the video ad space seen when users consume content across the web. With programmatic advertising, your spots run before video content playing on premium websites like; ESPN, Fox News, CNN, Yahoo Sports, USA Today, and many others.

Commonly referred to as Pre-Roll advertising, Programmatic Video is scalable like digital display advertising with all of the innovative targeting options but in a more desirable video format. Along with CTV, short-form video has grown dramatically across publisher websites, mobile apps, and social media.

  • Lower CPM’s

  • Detailed Reporting

  • Online & In-Store Attribution

  • Cross Channel Distribution (all devices)

  • Curated Audience

  • Geo-Fencing Tactics


CTV refers to internet-connected TVs

OTT refers to video content streamed via the internet instead of accessed with traditional cable or satellite TV

Connected Device referred to as an OTT device, these are devices that plug directly into your TV and are connected to the internet, which enables apps and video streaming to be used on the television regardless if the TV itself is a smart TV.   Examples include Amazon Fire Stick,  Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast

Smart TV is a TV with a built-in internet connection and media platform.   This means no additional equipment is needed to stream videos on the TV

Programmatic Video is the automated buying of the video ad space

Cord-Cutter is a person who cancels or forgoes a cable television subscription or landline phone connection in favor of an alternative internet-based or wireless service

Cord-Nevers are defined as viewers who have never subscribed to a multichannel video service;

  • Gaming Consoles – Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation are essentially acting as the connected device  with their built in app stores for streaming video content to your television.

We Make Video Production Easy and Affordable.

Professionally written scripts with royalty-free music and voice-over talent are included in your setup. We’ll incorporate images and video you provide or use our stock photos and video to produce a professional quality commercial.

Videos are available in “montage” or “full-motion” formats and are produced in 15, 30, and 60-second lengths.  All are affordably packaged for a low monthly fee.

Video Samples

Browse a Few Sample Videos Created by Our Production Team.

Why Invest in Online Video Advertising?


86% of businesses say video has increased traffic to their website


84% say video has helped them generate leads


78% say video has directly helped increase sales


87% of businesses say video, in general, gives them a good return on their investment

Source: The State of Video Marketing Report 2021, Wyzowl

Whether you choose CTV or Programmatic Video you can be assured of reaching your target audience. Our extensive targeting capabilities and the broad adoption level by consumers ensure this investment will pay dividends for your business.